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Since 1949 Casey's Fireworks can trace its history back seventy years, yet the Casey family's history stretches further, to the Irish immigrants who built the canals that provided drinking water for the city of Columbia. 


Jim Casey, Sr. was one of the founding members of St. Peter's Church in downtown Columbia.   Origanally from County Cork Ireland.


The first image in this gallery is our original sign.  The original store is in the center. Elizabeth Casey "Sis" is standing in front of Jim Casey Jr. block building during the early 60's.  Living next door Jim is holding the 3rd generation Caseys in his front yard in the picture to the right.


The fireworks store itself was started back when Rosewood Drive was still a dirt road. Jim Casey Jr. had an Open Air Market set up to serve the neighborhood cold drinks and convenient items. 

Jim knew everyone's name, would cash checks for folks without bank accounts, and could add up a customer's order faster than his cash register.


In the early 1950's, Jim Casey put some firecrackers for sale along with his drinks and snacks and noticed they sold out overnight.  Soon, the Open Air Market turned into a whole store exclusively devoted to fireworks.


Throughout the years, our store has become a place for folks to meet up and plan their celebrations. Every day, they tell us about how they remember their parents taking them to the store on the 4th of July, and how they'll take their kids, too.


Now employing both third and fourth generation of Caseys. Our store only stocks the best brands with premium quality. Still open year-round for your convenience. 

We look forward to helping you celebrate soon!


We believe in Columbia, SC. We believe in local products first, second, and since 1949. We believe in organic products and believe the way we will all succeed is by working together. 


Come and experience our open-air marketplace. We have the history, the tradition and the location. 


We sincerely believe your business belongs in our marketplace. 


Enjoy your Holiday Season with us today!

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- Before & After -

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